Company profile

The Hospitality Circle Group aspires to be a sparkling and inspiring organization, where our customers’ wishes are pin-pointed. It is our intention to become respectable, long term, full-service partners for our clients. Creation and innovation are the pillars of our growth.


The Hospitality Circle Group attempts to be an innovative and creative organization. Through joined forces, we offer our customers suitable products, services and consultancy.

We create an inspiring working climate for our staff members where pleasure, passion and personal development are appreciated and encouraged.
From a corporate social and environmental responsibility point of view we wish to be respected and we support different sound educational causes.

Our core values are:
• Pleasure & Passion
• Professional
• Open & Honest
• Co-creative

These core values and the combination of specialization, routed in the business units of the Group, enables the Hospitality Circle Group to transform the body of thoughts and ideas of our customers into contemporary and unique solutions. We are a respectful full service partner for our customers on a long term basis.


To provide our clients with relevant support, we offer a worldwide coverage of our activities. From our office in Haarlem, The Netherlands and the establishment in Orlando North-America, we offer experienced knowledge in hospitality in various countries.
The global purchasing power, our creative staff members and focus vision, means new challenges for our specialized brands.


The strategy of our company focuses on international growth in the hospitality industry. By adapting to globalization, we offer our clients worldwide experience and benefits.


Due to our broad offer in products, services and consultancy, we serve the (inter)national hospitality industry in an extensive way. We attend to our clients from both a client as a guest point of view and because of this we extend our network to more than just hospitality. Our clients are found in the following categories:
• Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, catering, bed & breakfast, bars, conference centers
• Leisure: Bungalow park, leisure park, cruise ships, clubhouses
• Retail; Shops, shopping malls
• Offices; Office-buildings, business communities, business centers
• Healthcare; Hospitals, nursing homes, residential care home, funeral homes
• Commercial real estate

For detailed information, take a look at the websites of our three Brands: Interior Consult, Hotel Tech,  Hotel Supply.



Our Brands 


Interior Design and Contracts for hospitality, leisure, healthcare and Real Estate


Hospitality equipment for hotels, leisure and conference centres


Contracting, renovations and maintenance for hotels and Real Estate