Welcome to the Hospitality Circle Group


We build, create and develop unique hospitality concepts. The Hospitality Circle Group includes five unique and distinct companies: Interior Consult, Hotel Purchase, Hotel Supply, Hotel Tech and Central Florida Design. Through these five separate companies we develop, design, produce and deliver products, maintain buildings, offer purchasing advice, and develop service applications.

Each brand is focused on value and committed to long term customer relations. Partnering with our clients, the Hospitality Circle Group has evolved into a world-wide organization with simple and fundamental goals which align with our core values.

We invite you to visit all of our web sites for a better understanding of the wide range of products and services we provide.

Our brands 

Interior Consult >

Interior design for hospitality, real Estate and healthcare

Hotel Purchase >

Web based applications to support the purchasing process

Hotel Supply >

Hospitality equipment for hotels, conference and leisure

Hotel Tech >

Contracting, renovations and maintenance in hotels and offices

Central Florida Design >

Interior design in model homes and communities in Florida